My name is Cal Ewing, owner of InvestmentPropertyUSA.ca.  I am a Canadian who invests solely in U.S. real estate.

"Cal in Houston"After entering the workforce with a degree in Geology, it became apparent that if I were to carry on with my career in the oil and gas industry I may make a decent living but I would remain a slave to a paycheck, trading my time for money while working in an extremely volatile oil and gas market where job security is always in question. As I update this bio, 17,000 oil and gas industry workers have lost their jobs in my city in 2015 alone due to the drastically low price of oil. So much for having a safe, secure, high paying job.

In 2009 I set my goal to become financially free using real estate as my vehicle. I found a mentor by the name of Mike Wolf, who showed me amazing opportunity in a severely down-beaten United States real estate market that had been devastated by the collapse of the housing bubble in 2007 – 2008. With the education and contacts that I gained through this mentoring, I found myself making money in real estate buying short-sales with the help of his ground team in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. In only a few months I was able to get out from under the burden and stress of some rather large credit card debt.

Today, my company’s focus is on Texas where our primary strategy is buying single family homes at county Tax Deed Auctions (aka Tax Sales or Sheriff Sales). At these auctions I am able to acquire properties at steep discounts and, with the help of an excellent  power-team, we transform these auction finds into fresh, modern looking, desirable abodes that we sell at retail value for a profit, or simply “whole-tail” them to other house flippers. We also keep some as long-term rentals for cashflow and appreciation since financial freedom is our ultimate goal.

One thing I have learned is that success, wealth and abundance requires a team and needs a foundation based on solid win-win relationships.  I believe that if I can help others win and prosper through real estate, I myself will win and prosper.  My business simply cannot operate without the help of investors to fund our projects either as private lenders or joint venture partners and I am committed to acquiring properties that I expect will generate exceptional returns for these people. I have worked with a wide variety of private lenders and partners: a restaurant owner, an engineer, a geologist, a widowed mother, a cattle rancher and an ad salesman to name some. These are typically people who are looking for wealth building alternatives to the more “traditional” investment strategies (stocks, mutual funds, CDs, TFSAs etc.) that don’t perform the way many would like. These invdiviuals don’t necessarily have the time and/or know-how to do real estate deals all on their own and that is where we come in, ready to do the grunt work to make real estate work for our clients in a big way. (Click Here for Testimonials)

In addition to working with investor clients directly, I am interested in helping other real estate investors succeed in achieving their own independent real estate goals. For this reason, I began my blog and Youtube channel which covers a variety of real estate topics, shares tips and tricks I have learned and helps new investors navigate around potential pitfalls and roadblocks I have encountered in my investing career. In particular, you will find a lot of information on Tax Deed Investing, which is one of my favorite property acquisition strategies.

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