Identifying and Fixing Termite Damage on Your Investment or Future Investment Properties

fixing termite damage

Fixing termite damage first requires some knowledge in identifying the signs of termite damage in your investment property. Since a termite’s primary diet is wood, they are capable of compromising the strength and integrity of the structure of your investment properties. 
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How to Identify and Fix Foundation Problems on Investment Properties

foundation problems

As a real estate investor, you need to be aware of any foundation problems before purchasing your next house and even after owning investment properties for any extended period of time. Foundation failure is a significant problem with even greater costs, especially if left unaddressed. Protect your investment properties by identifying the warning signs of foundation problems and knowing what to do to fix your foundation problems.
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4 Reasons Smart Investors Use a Wholesaler to Buy Rehab and Rental Properties

use a wholesaler

Real estate investors can benefit when they use a wholesaler to buy rehab properties and rental properties. The advantages of using a wholesaler for your real estate investment business are vital to taking your business to the next level. A wholesaler strengthens your rental or rehab business, providing you with tailored services that meet your specific needs. Here are four reasons you must use a wholesaler now:
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How to Buy Texas Investment Properties in Flood Zones

buy Texas investment properties

When you decide to buy Texas investment properties in Houston, Texas; should you consider buying real estate investment property in flood zone? Buying a house in flood zone can be intimidating and requires a little more navigation than a traditional investment property purchase.
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Tax Deed Property Rehab Project (Introduction)

I am very excited to announce a new tax deed property rehab project I am undertaking here on Myself and my investor partners just purchased a nice little property at the Harris County tax auction (a.k.a. sheriff sale, tax deed auction) that we are planning to rehab or, for those that prefer the term, fix and flip. I thought it would be fun to document as much of the project as I can through you tube video and blog posts and share it with you from start to finish.

The video above explains more about the property we are calling the “Pickerton” house including some of the pre-auction due diligence that we did on it, the auction details and some of the numbers that we can expect from this rehab deal. In future videos I will show you our very first walk through of the property and various stages of rehab as we turn the worst house on the block into something that someone is going to love to live in.

Here are the numbers as we know them right now. Many are just projections as we have not yet fully assessed the state of repair inside this house.

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Kansas City, Missouri Turnkey Property #6

4229 - Belton

Kansas City, Missouri Turnkey Property #5


Kansas City, Missouri Turnkey Property #4


Kansas City, Missouri Turnkey Property #3

4107- Raytown,

Kansas City, Missouri Turnkey Property #2


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