“My name is Veronica Pepin and my husband and I were very fortunate to meet and cooperate with Cal Ewing on one of our projects. We have been real estate investors in Calgary Alberta Canada for many years and were privileged to work with various joint venturers. We are very proud to say that to date all our JVs were very successful and lucrative for all parties involved. Still, the one that we have with Cal Ewing stands out greatly. When we met Cal we have experienced firsthand what it is to have an ideal
business partner. Cal is very knowledgeable, business & street smart yet great listener who is humble and always willing to give the other party’s opinion a benefit of a doubt. Cal is very kind and polite individual who, nevertheless, stands the grounds he believes in firmly. He is proud and busy husband & father who is not only able to accommodate for a business meeting on a short notice but always brings in great ideas to better the deal. Above all, Cal is honest, open-minded, no-drama person who is
extremely positive. We enjoy working with him tremendously and hope that you would too.

Kind regards,

Veronica Pepin

1 587 832 2194 (mobile)”


“Cal & I worked together on an off-market deal in the SE side of Houston, Texas. We were able to come to a reasonable price, close within 14 days, and communicate thoroughly in regards to ensuring we close in a timely manner. I look forward to doing many more deals with Cal.”

—-Ricky Zala – Friendswood, Texas 


“I’m super excited to tell the whole world that Cal Ewing is the real deal for sure! I recommend anyone that is trying to get into real estate investing (like myself), need help taking their investing to another level, or if you have any concerns or questions about real estate investing that you can’t seem to find the answers to, Cal is your man!!! His “Work Less & Earn More” real estate strategy session was more than I ever expected. The first time Cal call me he asked me about some of my concerns and questions, and was very patient and ready to tackle what ever I needed at that very moment. What’s even more exciting is that Cal took time out his schedule to walk me through step by step in resolving one of my main concerns that I had been researching for about 2 weeks at that time. If you are looking to invest in real estate I highly recommend you Cal Ewing’s Work Less and Earn More real estate program, you will not be disappointed no matter where you at in your journey.

I can go on and on but I will stop here by saying Thank you so much Cal for going above and beyond to get me the answers I needed to go far in my real estate investing business!!!!”

—-Rachel  W. – Channelview, Texas


“ I am a new investor to the tax  lien and tax  Deed Business. I saw a video that Cal posted on YouTube that showed how his  team and him go about buying tax sale  properties in Texas. I was impressed with their knowledge and due diligence techniques. So I decided to visit Cal website to get more information.  During the Work Less & Earn more 90 minute strategy session  I had with Cal, I was even more impressed with his knowledge and helpful strategies on how to tackle tax lien and Tax deed investment. I look forward to partnering up with him and his team for some future deals! I would recommend him to anytime looking for a  down-to- earth honest and straight shooter, no nonsense  mentor or business partner.”

—-Bernard E. –   Northern, Virginia


Andrew Halverson – Gold Exploration Geologist working in Suriname, South America


“My name is Zoulfira.  I am a researcher for a publishing company in the oil and gas sector. Fourteen years ago I immigrated to Canada from Kazan, Russia.  Since then I have been widowed and, until recently, had to raise my son and handle worry about my family’s financial future as a single parent.  I met Cal Ewing at a personal development course in 2009 and after talking a while, we found out that both of us were curious about investing in real estate. In 2010 we took some real estate investing courses together and worked with a mentor who taught us how to invest in the USA.  We created a US Corporation with some other investor partners and successfully did our first fix & flip in Las Vegas.  We then invested in Phoenix, Arizona on a rental property that we owned for 2 years.  Between those two deals I made nearly 50% on my money.  Cal did a great job of managing, organizing and finding the right contacts we needed to make both those real estate deals a success.  He always made sure to confirm with me and his other partners before making any decisions or changes in the investment strategy because he respected that we put our own money on the line. That kind of trust is very important to me.  I will continue to invest with Cal and recommend him to others.  I like to be hands-off when it comes to investing and I feel confident that Cal will do his best to make my money grow through real estate deals that we do together.” 

Zoulfira Kharitonova – Oil & Gas Researcher – Calgary, Alberta


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